The rise of high-end water purifier market

The demand for water purifiers on the Vietnamese market is increasing, especially high-class water purifiers that create “health water”. Some investors are having a smart strategy in this fertile market.

High quality water purifier: ‘yellow egg hen’

According to statistics, the market for water purifiers in Vietnam has grown very fast in recent years. TechSci Research’s “Vietnam water purifier market based on technology, sales, forecasts and competitive opportunities 2011-2021” also made a positive forecast for the growth of up to 12.4% in the period. 2016-2021 period.

The reason for the increase in the market for water purifiers is the decline in water quality and increased consumer awareness about the presence of toxic substances and bacteria in drinking water. According to the latest statistics made by The Conference Board® Global Consumer Confidence ™ in collaboration with Nielsen, a global business performance measurement firm, in the first quarter of 2019, Health accounted for 44% of the concerns of Vietnamese consumers, the second highest after the job interest was 46%.

With the increasing demand for water purifiers leading to the presence of many brands of water purifiers on the market, consumers have set stricter criteria for the selection of water purifiers. Facing this opportunity, many investors have actively entered the high-end market, distributing the hydrogen-rich alkaline water generator, not only to purify water but also to create healthy water.

Hydro-rich alkaline ionized water filters are quite expensive, ranging from a few tens to several hundred million dongs, but many families are still willing to pay to invest in the health of their family members.

Among the brands of hydrogen-rich alkaline water purifiers, OSG is a prestigious brand from Japan with 50 years of experience in health water, highly appreciated by experts with special uses such as: Anti-aging. chemical, prevent many diseases, improve stomach function, rehydration, detoxify the body fast, cook well, cleanse.

OSG was founded in 1970, and is a pioneer group in the research and development of technologies, products related to water, health and health in Japan. The OSG research lab is located at the Food Safety Institute, University of Tokyo to focus on the use of functional water such as electrolyte and sterilized water. OSG is also the brand that provides the most comprehensive water health solutions in the world, covering the areas of life from home, business to industry.

Kinh doanh máy lọc nước chất lượng; lợi ích không chỉ là lợi nhuận

Trading quality water filters; Benefits are more than just profits

When it comes to business, the first factor that comes to mind immediately is profit. However, by becoming a distribution agent of specific products such as OSG high-class water filters, the benefits that investors receive are not merely profits from sales, but above all agents. is bringing a great value to contribute to the protection of public health.

Ms. X, one of the distributors of hydrogen-rich alkaline water purifiers, has a history of stomach problems. After a while using OSG water, her health became more stable, her skin was more beautiful than before. So she decided to become a distributor of products for the health of users, an OSG electrolyte water purifier.

In the context of the turbulent water market, finding new markets, combined with a well-established business strategy, Hydro OSG-rich alkaline ionized water purifier is expected to achieve. Breakthrough growth steps in the coming time.

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