How to detect air compressor errors?

The engine operation of the air compressor over capacity is when the engine exceeds the prescribed limit. One of the reasons is that the compression head bearings are stuck or broken or deflected.

When an air compressor operates causing abnormal noise of metal, it may be due to one of the following causes of the error: Wrong assembly, poor lubricant for bearings. If the noise emits a large amount with a uniform amplitude, it is possible to have cracked, corroded bearings, dents or rolling ditches that have flaked off. In case of loud but irregular noise, it is a sign of excessive leakage in the assembly structure, cracks, and scales on the balls.

To remedy this situation, it is necessary to replace or clean the bearing periodically and pay attention to the lubricant. In addition to making strange noises, the abnormal increase in temperature is also one of the errors caused by bearings such as error in the assembly, friction with the sealing ring or the mounting surface is worn.

Some bearings in the bearings are caused by poor lubricants but may also be problematic if too many lubricants lead to lubricant leakage or discoloration as well as external particle penetration or grinding particles. If this is the case, the most effective remedy is to reduce the amount of lubricant and choose a more solid grease, replace other bearings or lubricants to clean the chamber and internal parts periodically.

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