Simulation of Z-Screw technology


A screw rotor and two rotor ports are located at the right angle with the shaft forming two compression rings. Therefore, the screw rotor with six grooves compresses 12 times for each rotation.

Smooth operation

Without applying axial thrust load of the rotor, the rotation-oriented forces are gentle with good balance. The result is to minimize noise and vibration.

Long term

The rotor port rotates according to the rotation of the screw rotor, the water is formed on the screw rotor teeth and the free float mechanism maintains high efficiency for a long time (in the case of water-based lubricants).

High efficiency

Since the use of hydraulic lubricating water in the compression process, compression is carried out smoothly almost by the ideal compression temperature, safe and highly efficient with slow rotation (in case of water lubricating oil).

Video simulates the operation of screw air compressor head

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